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Tuesday - Friday  10am - 6pm 
Saturday - 10am - 4pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
Dog Food
BRANDS:  Natural BalanceTaste of WildChicken Soup,   Zignature, Diamond NaturalsCanidae, Whole Earth Farms, Pro Pac Ultimates, Wholesomes, and Orijen.  We will order your brand. 
Leashes and Collars
Pet Meds
The Pet Store Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
We carry a variety of leashes, collars  and harness.    We have Remington, Mossy Oak, Harley, Packers and Vikings.
We carry a variety of supplement for your pet from daily vitamins, pet stress reducer to seasonal allergy relief.   We also carry Hemp and CBD products
Cat Food
Holistic Cat Food, Natural BalanceTaste of the WildChicken Soup Canidae, Whole Earth Farm, Pure Vita, Wholesomes, Earthborn, Acana, and Orijen.  We will also order the brand you need.
Aquatic supplies
Bird Food and Supplies
We have all the supplies to start up a new tank or keep your current one running smoothly and looking great. 
We carry a variety of bird food and supplies.  From the smallest finch to the largest parrot.  If we don't have it we can help you get it.   We carry ZupreemKaytee TOPs, Golden Feast, L'Avian, and other brands. 
We have a variety of training supplies.  Whether your dog is 2lbs to 250 lbs we have the products that help you coexist with each other.  
 We have all the supplies to keep your pets looking great.  You can get the same products our groomer uses on all dogs with all types of skin and hair. 
Dog Training Supplies
Pet Bathing and Grooming  Supplies
Many More Products
Small Animal Supplies
Reptile Food and Supplies
We carry a variety of small animal food and cages for their needs. From the littlest mouse to the biggest rabbits. Please tell us if you do not see something you would like us to get for you.
We carry food and tanks for all their needs. from a Bearded Dragon to Turtles, and other Reptiles. Jungle plants, moss mat, kritter keepers, flukers foods, meal worms, reptile sands, supper worms, crickets, and many more items.
Dog Treats
Dog Toys
Horse Supplies
Pet Beds
Pet Bedding
We carry many different treats for dogs. Most of the treats are grain free. Natural Balance, Best Buy Bones, Jones, Venison Joes, True Chews, Pet Factory, Zukes, Fruitables, and many others.  98% of our treats are made in USA. xt.
Doggie toys galore, we carry pet safe toys, Kong's, Chuckits, flossy chews, Dura chews, Invincible's, and more.
We carry feed supplements, fly spray, wound care, dewormers, buckets, manure forks, feed tubs, etc. 
We carry all sorts of doggie beds from kennel pads to orthopedic.  Beds for the smallest dog or cat to the largest. 
We carry bedding for all animals small to large, Pine, Aspen, Corn, Paper, Pelleted , etc.  Wide variety of colors and textures to satisfy any pet.  Just ask if you want to have something ordered for you. Many more.
New Products Arriving Weekly